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Full Version: Product Series?
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[EDIT] In the intrest of public saftey i have been advised to inform you that this should be read in the tone of someone with a very dry scence of humor, hope that helps. if not i recomend a drink of somthing wet and prefrebly acoholic

I know someone will claim that it is too early to be thinking about this hoowever i would like to put down on paper what i have envisioned for this project, its motivaations and how i hope to achive it, basically a "behind the scenes" of the project and the inner workings of my mind wink.gif

well here it goes, i have always wanted to get into HMD tech stuyy like steve Mann, in fact if you do a searcch you will see mee drop hints about this around the fourms (ok perhaps not a search but if you read my posts and followed them you might come to that conclusion). but it always came down to finding a cheap computer that i was happy with with VGA out. after all i had some requiremnts:

long battery life (ie low power consumption) hence the large battery packs i have smile.gif
no movinng parts (well i guess a microdrive would be an exception but i have heard great things about thoose 8GB CF cards)
Hevily connected, ie wifi 10/100 GPS, every up to the minute tech i could get my hands on
non intrusive, not really a problem with the Z as it was light and courd fit iin my pockeet, my faimly always used to joke aabout me buyingg my pants bassed on the size oof the pockets
Ergonomic. seems wierd but i wanted it to be comfterble to use and feel like it was second nnature, so high speed text entry and voice recording were high on the featture list.

ill take a break here becauuse if i keep on going i know i will hit the maximum post siize for this fourm, and i know some of my post can be long (i belive i set a reccord with one of the original PP threads) so back in a minute smile.gif
Well back again, lets see where i left off, <read><read><read>... ok well next its onto the list of products and the roles they fill, they are hardily originol but they fill a couple of tech niches that are very hard to come by (in hardware that covers them, damn those niches, i like my walls smooth)


Usage: Notification
Description: small, LCD or OLED. whatever i can get my hands on. bassed mainly on off the shelf tech, well basically only the screen and that will be from one of many popular phones (hell why not all of them and just write software for them, i have seen a libary or 2 that covers about6% of the screen s on the market and is Open Source)

couple of buttons, vibrator, sound screen and bluetooth. throw that together with 16MB of ram (depends on the chip,perhaps soome more. depends if we want netBSD or linux on this thing, with netbsd i would give it 8MB) some flash and you are done

Usage: Text entry and "hevier" client machine capable of operating independentlly and interfacinng to a HMD for those "thin client" solutions wink.gif and authhentication, syncing
description: this is the project we have talked about so far, nothing more really to see here except in the context of how it inteeracts with everything else. i really intend for it to be able to leveerage the thin client stuff but in a very diffrent way

it represents you, it holds your data, your bookmars your profile and authuentication (think secure sign on/2 factor authentication "somthing you have") with a cvs server or simmilar to keep track of it all and some heavy syncing capabilities to connect and keep synced your watch and laptop

the thhin clieent stuff comes throgh in the form of a program that i have written a couple of lines for but have mainly been polishing the ideas. its an ENV or enviromnt varible "keeper" there are 2 problems i have had with diffrent shells bieng open, ONE: copy and paste dosent work between them (see VT vs screen vs KDE vs Gnome, but i have a program for that now as well and its network enabled smile.gif nothing like copyiing and pastinng over a network over ssh) and my enviromental varibles are always diffrent on a sessin by session basis that diveriges the longer i use said terminaals

now if you had a user deamon that synced up any changes to your enviroment i think that would be handy (as i modify my path alot when working with cross compilers) espesially if it was spread over several machines so that your X settings and DISPLAY vaaribles were automatically set up when you switched computers, VVNC does a nice job annd i would prefer it but it emulates a framme buffer and dosent do rootless windows (ass its a frame buffer) meaning it runs all apps in a window instead off looking like a native app. this is a prablem in HMD as the dispplay has to be transperent and that would mean i would have to hack a couple of programs rather than just X

Usage: heavy lifting, main "grunt" faster text entry data repository
Description: well we have all seen that new geade laptop on the market so itts basically that, with a twist or two when it comes to graphics to do a bit of dual core trickery. it will have upgradable memeroy i hope so you can use laptop mem or it will just come in 2-3 flavors, 256MB 512MB and 10024MB. i like ram because it caches, microsoft may be going to flash and i can see some advantages but i belive RAM and "laptop" mode is a better option

it will be small, it will be well laid out but it will do thhe "long haul" data comms voice will be left to the PDA while this thing will hopefully do WiiBro and better wifi (N, multi mmode, dual recivers, i havent really decided yet. its a long way off)

this iis the main "eco system" the acsessories are more of an after thoght as they require alot less comitment and so far we only have the mouse/pointer/button thingy but i suspect there will be more

taking ab reak again, expect part 2 in a couple of minutes talkinng about how this all comes together
well third times a charm, time to tame this beast of a description

well there you have it the 3 main components of the final project, i know you will all demand a ARM PC neext (ii can dream, unless oof course i find some one who makes an ARM11 chiiipset with all 4 cores on it and get a AHB to PCI bridge chip would be the perfect time to chuck in a FPGA or two if i havent already done so on the laptop)

the idea is a simlpe one you grab the devices that suit your needs, i am suer that the watch will be the mmost used, so PIM and calender apps are a must (engines onlly if posible and a d-bus +. routed => nnotification system (routed is another side projject i have running for nottifcation and writing lua code to react to "events" to display a message or play a sound. egine notifies of event, routed causes message to be displayed). if you really wonted then you could run the authentication server on the watch itself (keberous perhaps)

next i would suspect the PDA would be grabed and then the laptop, thats why the PDA is the main interface to the HMD. not to say that the responsibility cant be passed off to the laptop but then you neded the laaptop straped to yourr back and in any case its a software thing so itss posible. hopefully they would be aable to run the same base operating image (kernel is stored seperate to image)

i think that acomaadates most people in the niches i am focusing on, those who want high portability, always on connections with high bandwidth between thhe user and the computer (read ergonomics as mentioned earlier). small light and lonnglasting battery life

then again some people wont want the HMD stuff but i dont think they would want to give up the VGA port which is the only thing it needs. what you do with it is your buisness

of course there is a whole lot of software that goes with it and wierd configurations (such as my research into xen that i should be able to release soon, not so much research as an idea. not original really but its implementation is wink.gif) but i think i have covered them abbove (ssuch as the X11 and the DISPLAY varible so that you can use the laptop iin its closed position through the PDA and have it display on the HMD. i can think of many apps where this could come in handy ARQuake is one of them wink.gif)

oh well signinng off. tell me what you think obut my eco system, annd how you see your own system working
Wow.... Da Blitze have you been drinking? wink.gif


Sounds like a good plan... I tried to sift through it but I've had a triple shot espresso and have the focus of a 5 year old on speed....
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