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Full Version: I'm About To Buy C1000, Still Got Fiew Questions!
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I'm planed to buy SL-6000, but today I found a review on C1000:
and it sounds really good!

I'm intereseted in Network Socket Programming. I have a laptop already, but I want to have something small, that I can carry around everywhere. I would want to use it for programming, but the keyboard looks really small, is it big egnuf for writing long text? Does it come with GCC or is GCC available for C1000?

I would like to be able to run Kismet on it. Is there a Wireless NIC, that has modules and will work with Kismet? Does it has Ethernet socket, or is there a Ethernet nic available for it?

Can I run other GUI, for example Flux Box? One thing that confuses me - is Linux on the SD card? If so, I could remove unnessesary software right? Thank you!
pdaXrom will do Kismet, has GCC available for download, and can have WiFi and wired LAN via CF cards. There are quite a few window managers available, including Fluxbox. You replace the original operating system, or ROM, with a new one, like pdaXrom, in the internal flash, so it is not installed on SD. The keyboard is quite usale for me, but that will vary with how large your hands are.

Hope this helps.
If you are gonna do anything more than scripting, you will either need an external keyboard or a notebook altogether.

Zs are very good for network sniffing once you get a LAN or wifi connection up and running as its very portable ... and hey, it's way cool!!!

I'm surfing the web via a wifi CF card and entering this post on the little keyboard.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, it's for thumbing and not so much for normal typing though with usage, thumbing can be quite touchtype-like. Some like to place it on tables and peck away with two fingers. See if you can try one in the flesh before getting one. Some love the keys, others abhore it. smile.gif
Thank you!!
Well I brought a C760, it's shipping now, can't wait to get my hands on it! Also I heard, that battery life is very good!!
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