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Full Version: Resume Event On Cacko
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In this page, Spencer Huang said that a SIGCONT signal is sent to each running process when the zaurus is resumed.

While testing the next version of qpegps (it is altmost here), that catchs that signal to start the gps card after a resume, I notice that the SIGCONT signal is never received.

With other tests I have proved that the SIGCONT signal is not called after a resume on Cacko (at least in versions 1.23 and 1.22 and zaurus C760 and C3100) while with the original sharp ROM the signal is fired as expected.

Anyone knows how to activate this function?

I have been thinking on adding a line (killall -SIGCONT qpegps) to a resume script, but I don't know where to put this command. Someone with more knowledge can help me?

Is there any other method to detect when the zaurus is resumed?

I'm not sure about the standard Sharp ROM, but Cacko has this suspend/resume framework in place. There are several scripts in /etc/apm.d/ which are linked to and fired via /etc/apm.d/suspend.d or /etc/apm.d/resume.d

You could hook a helper script for your qpegps in those directories.
Also, the kernel directly opens the file /etc/suspend.lst and uses that to send SIGSTOP and SIGCONT to the processes listed there.
Thanks for your answer, but I have detected that cacko ROM (and the original sharp ROM on CXXX) calls Resumed() to QPE/System using QCop messages, after tha zaurus is resumed.

I have detected this event and now the GPS CF card is resumed fine.

I don't know if this will work on Opie.
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