hi, I've recently purchased a 504, and generally I am quite impressed, however, I do have one very annoying issue wwhich is making me think about taking it back.

I sync this unit with a whole bunch of playlists in WMP11, and when I go the the device, I can select an artist, or album and play the tracks without a problem. I can skip from one track to another quickly and easily.

However, when I do the same with a playlist, each time I skip a track the new track loads, but the unit then locks up with the HDD whirring away for about 30-40 seconds. I can't skip tracks, change volume or anything. It's like it is looking for the albmun art.

Another reason I think it's to do with the album art is because when playing tracks through a playlist, the art is never shown, but when I select the artist or album, it does display the art.

Has anyone else come across this? Any ideas how to solve it? (Archos supports' response was "take it back and get a refund"! Not exactly the best way to go about business!)

Thanks in advance.