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Full Version: Mplayer For Sl-5500
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Hello All,

I have an old SL-5500 I am attempting to make into an iPod (that is, and iPod that plays Oggs). I have been very pleased with Zplayer (with mplayer underneath) on my SL-6000. However the mplayer binary I run on my SL-6000 doesn't play (illegal instruction, or some sort).

I have downloaded several 'pre' version of mplayer 0.90 (ie. mplayer_0.90pre10_arm.ipk), but they only play when root, not as an unprivilaged user. I have tried running Zplayer as root (doesn't work), changing mplayer to SUID root, doesn't work.

Does anyone have a mplayer ipk which does work on an SL-5500 as non-root?


You should try chrget's VLC player:
QUOTE(Greg2 @ Jan 1 2007, 09:47 AM)

Thanks Greg,

This file (vlcplay) doesn't seem to be "attached" any longer. I don't see it posted anywhere else sad.gif

Thanks again,

Try here:
QUOTE(cvmiller @ Jan 1 2007, 06:40 PM)
This file (vlcplay) doesn't seem to be "attached" any longer. I don't see it posted anywhere else sad.gif

Ahh, they haven't fixed the attachment function after the forum move to ibiblio.

I have it on a disk (somewhere), I'll look for it tomorrow... but I won't be able to attach it here. sad.gif
Edit: I've located it if you want it?

PM me your email address and I'll send it to you... unless you have a server I can upload to.

The link that Capn_Fish has posted is for a very old version.
Installed it on my 5500, when i run it opens only window, in which i can choose files, when i choose some - it shows only first frame & does nothing, if i try to press some buttons it goes on blank window with menu Open/quit.
by the way, version of mplayer you mentioned works well for me in sharp rom 3.13, but have problems with sound (video goes slowly with it), but if play video with -nosound & at the same time play 320 kbs mp3 everything is fine. I'll try to convert it into ogg
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