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Full Version: Sd-link11b
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i have a c760 and i love this cute piece of technology.

just i tried downloading the sd-link drivers for support sd cards greater than 1 gb (i want to use a 2 gb sd). a few month ago i got the sd-link11b from c-guys to keep it running under cacko 1.23 but now it seems or is down.

does anyone of you got this sd-link driver on his machine? it would be grateful to get a alternative download location or link for this driver. in addition it is also possible to send me an email to

thanks in advance,


Can you please ellaborate on this? I too wish to use a 4GB SD card with my c760. Thanks.

googling for sd-link11b found this page.

downloads are here for Zaurus, scroll down a bit.

If the second url doesn't work, go to first link and using the left menu, click the 4th link.
That should take you to the downloads page.

I zipped up both of them into one zip file, try these at your own risk!!!
there are 2 files in here.

One is Japan - (sd-link11b_jp_jpn_arm.ipk)
One is USA - (sd-link11b_us_jpn_arm.ipk)

whoopsie, let me know if one of these files works.
(I'll hang on to them for later use if they work)

I looked "inside" the *.ipk
There is a whole directory structure and many files in there.
There are also several control files in the control.tar.gz, within this ipk.
Look at the pic. Again, Use at your own risk!!!
I'm going to have to check this against the version of the driver I downloaded a few months ago which had the effect of deleting my SD slot. (Luckily, uninstalling it restored the slot.) If it's different I'll try it out on the 860.
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