At last I can post, been trying to get approval since November unsure.gif

In many ways though I am sure it worked out well because all of my noob questions have pretty much been answered by searching the forum by now.

My main remaining issue though is that I would like a ZX Spectrum emulator on my Zaurus.

Before I got my SL-C3200 I had a Sony Clie UX-50 which unfortunately didn't have a decent Speccy emulator for various reasons. I thought that the Zaurus would be ideal with it's decent keyboard and great screen but I haven't found anything really usable.

Does anyone know which Speccy emulator is the best or is it possible that someone could / already has compiled FUSE for Sharp ROM / Cacko.

I found FUSE installers for pdaXrom but it wouldn't install on Cacko.

The source is all here if anyone is interested:-


I don't think the last link is required but I have included it anyway.

I appreciate that it's a bit cheeky asking you guys to compile stuff that you may not want yourselves so I will pay GBP15.00 by PayPal to the first person who is able to compile a working version on Cacko.

Thanks in advance.