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Full Version: Has Anyone Compiled The Zd1211 Module For Pdaxrom?
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Has anyone compiled the zd1211 usb wifi driver for the rc121 version of pdaxrom?
If so, can they post a link.
I'm not sure with which sources you're going to try so I'ss say this anyway:
The drivers that come with the installation CD are very buggy (I've tryed them on x86).
Use the drivers from here:
Now that I have a C1K I'm also trying to do the same thing.
Did you have any luck ?

After some attempts I got the driver to cross compile but I only get the zd1211b.ko ...
I was expecting also zd1211.ko.
Anyway I copied the module over to my Z modules directory and did a depmod -a, but when I plug in the usb dongle nothing happens (even if I manually load module).
Doing an lsusb shows the wifi dongle (and led lights up) but ifconfig -a and iwconfig show no wifi device.
I assumed that it could be a power problem (USB OTG may not drive enough current) so I hooked up mu powered hub ... but no difference at all.

P.S. I got the driver from here.
Using an old version of source (zd1211-driver-r76) I was able to build the driver and make the C1K see my wifi dongle. (if anyone is intrested I can share the module and/or the sources)
ifconfig and iwconfig show wlan0 but also some odd messages in dmesg appear.
I've no way to check if it's actually working right now ... I'll update on this later.
It's working !
I'm actually posting this message from my Z connected with the zd1211 usb wifi dongle.

Unfortunately I also neaded to connect the powered hub because it's drawing too much current for OTG
For anyone intrested:
Look in my homepage ... I've made doc binary module and sources avalible ... "Zaurus" on the left menu and "issues" on the top.
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