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Full Version: OPIE systemtime and ntpdate
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I installed ntpdate and OPIE's systemtime app on a C860 running the new Cacko ROM. If I run ntpdate as root from the CLI, I get the correct time from an NTP/SNTP server. However, the GUI app gives this error:

Error while getting time from server:

I checked the icon's properties, and it is set to run as root.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Please file a bug into the bugtracker.
I had the same experience as you on my 5500 w/sharprom 3.13, what i found out is because the default user is zaurus, this is due to the security reason. Currently, all ROM from sharp are default to zaurus user, I do not know about Cacko ROM, if it is zaurus user, they are few solution on this..

(1) Break the security, switch the default user to root. you can refer to this thread.

(2) Tweaks the ntpdate.

First, you need to install this sudo package, bear in mind, install this sudo package also break the security, because the control file (sudoers) gain user zaurus to access All files, All commands and All host.

Second, open a terminal, switch to root user, rename the ntpdate in /usr/bin directory to other name (for me, ntpdate.bin), create a script file named 'ntpdate' with permission 777 under /usr/bin, in this script file, code in 'sudo ntpdate.bin' and '#!/bin/bash' as the first line in your script. Done.

(3) Use other package. <-- in japan language interface, I'm using this now. <-- needs ntpdate, TrayIconCtlApplet and root user, I have not try this, you can refer to this url for more info.

John Bull
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