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Looks like my hunt for a good music making app for the Z is over!

By editing ~/.chibi/chibi.conf you can get the interface to start up in Zaurus-friendly 640x480 mode and the author tells me that the cvs version can import MOD files as well as .IT, .s3m and .xm. chibitracker can save songs in IT or WAV format.

Soon as I've got scons set up under pdaXii13 I'm going to try compiling this- would any of the OZ team be interested in getting this ported to OZ? Mickey?
It works!!! biggrin.gif laugh.gif cool.gif

I successfully compiled a recent SVN version under pdaXii13 and then bzip'd the binary but OESF, for some crazy reason, doesn't let you upload .bz2 files so, seeing as I was forced into zipping it up I thought I'd chuck in one of my fave Amiga mods- Skid Row's cracking screen music for Pinball Fantasies- which is a great example of what can be achieved with a tracker. As you might've guessed, chibitracker can successfully load .mod files now!


The first time you run chibitracker the display will be too big for the Zaurus screen. You can fix this by clicking on the Settings menu (the 'Se' in the top right-hand corner of the chibitracker window) then choosing Interface (or 'In' as you will only be able to see, second from the bottom of the list) then choose 'Enabled' under the Fullscreen Mode options.

Have fun!

Thanks this looks like it will be cool!
I don't have pdaxrom installed yet, my new C3200 should be here this week, going to install pdaxrom onto it.
Meanie helped getting Yasump working on the clamshell models with easier to read fonts.
That's what I use in Cacko to play MODs. Yasump is a player only, not a tracker.

Here's my fav MOD (s3m)
This one loops.

Opps, I had to zip it up also, forum won't accept *.s3m extension.
Nifty! However (at least in fullscreen) it grabs any and all keypresses including the ones it isn't interested in. That means closing the screen doesn't turn the backlight off!

(And yes, verifying that was very much like trying to see whether the fridge light is off when the door is closed... biggrin.gif )
Interesting! It was about time someone took the wheel for tracker applications. is offline atm., I will take a look asap.
I would recommend that anyone interested in learning to use a tracker program like chibitracker print out the beginners section of the Trackers Handbook

After going through that then you can get by just using chibitrackers online help which tells you all the commands and keyboard shortcuts from within the program.

One of my favourite tracker musicians at the moment is a guy called Heatbeat who, although it wasn't the greatest example of his music, did the music for the most graphically impressive game to ever appear on the OCS Amiga- Elfmania. I've zipped up a number of his songs and attached them to this. If you like old rave music (Prodigy / Streets of Rage style) then you MUST check out his Sainahi Circles, which I've included. What impresses me even more is how good he gets acoustic instruments to sound- he pulls off some pretty jazzy stuff with 8-bit samples and manages to make it sound natural. Of course you can also play these files under xmms, Amarok or any other music app that has MOD playback capability.

Have you tried chibitracker yet Mickey? What do you think? I've had a couple of mods that wouldn't get any further than the 5th pattern before looping- I've sent the mods in question to the author.


Turns out that looping 'bug' is actually a feature of the Bxx command, often used in game music
There are 2 bugs I've found so far in the build I've posted above, neither of which are present when running chibitracker 1.0rc1 under Ubuntu.

1- Sample importing is broke. You can export samples OK but when you try loading them no waveform is displayed, it doesn't seem to get loaded although no error is displayed i.e nothing happens

2- Enabling playback tracing (by pushing CTRL+F) causes the interface to stop responding to touchscreen/mouse clicks


It would be great if you could try compiling the latest svn version of chibitracker for OZ and see if these bugs show up under OZ. I told the author about these but he doesn't have a Z and couldn't think what could be causing the problems. I know OZ has a more up-to-date dev toolchain than pdaXrom (b3) so maybe this will get it working properly?
Ok. I'll have a go at including it, if no one beats me to it.
Great! biggrin.gif

Let me know if you have the same probs I did under pdaX please!


Note that 1.0rc1 doesn't feature working MOD support, you need to build from svn for that
It compiles in OE now. No time to test yet...
Great news Mickey- thanks for doing that!

It would be great if you could test for those two bugs I mentioned, it will only take you a minute and then I can let the developer know the score (no pun intended) tongue.gif
Chibitracker 1.0 has been released!

It'd be great if someone could try this out on their Z and see if sample import is working now

Hmmm, wonder if we could get this working under Cacko? I've never tried compiling for Cacko yet, only time I've compiled Z software has been under pdaXrom. Could I compile stuff natively on cacko?
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