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Full Version: Classic Zaurus
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I stumbled across this site that sells refub classic ZR-5800R Zauruses with cables:
Ah...those were the days.....

ohmy.gif $109.00 for the cheap one..... Can it play Snes / Genesis games ??? huh.gif
QUOTE(harvell @ Jan 11 2007, 09:48 AM)
ohmy.gif  $109.00 for the cheap one..... Can it play Snes / Genesis games ???  huh.gif

It won't play any games. I have one sitting on the floor by my computer desk. I think it cost me somewhere around $300 when I got it.
Very cool site... For a moment, I was tempted to order one of these old Sharp "computers" just for geek points.

You have to check out the statement on their main page, though. It seems that most of the stuff they have is nostalgic collector's items, but the site proclaims:
Whether you’re looking for the ultimate new mobile computers, or the latest accessories to keep you organized, up-to-date and equipped for success (all the stuff that will keep your colleagues drooling), you’ll find it here at
I guess if your colleagues are nostalgic collectors then you might keep them drooling. wink.gif
- My Dad still uses one of these as his only PDA. Left the last one in Vegas a few months ago and I had to spend more than this to get him another off eBay. Nice to know where they are for the next senior moment (chuckle) ...
I just bought a stylus, but they have decent prices here. I'll bookmark it for future reference though. I don't care what they say, those things have legs!
Another Piece of Zaurus history in my shop:

They have complete the 'upgrade' and the darned jpg attachments still don't work?
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