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Full Version: Installing Oz On A C700
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I'm trying to install OZ (OPIE) onto an SL-C700. I've copied initrd.bin, and zImage.bin onto a FAT16 CF card and gone through the update procedure. The update finds the card, load the files and reboots. I remove the CF card during the reboot process.

I've tried this procedure several times and each time I get a white screen of death.

Any suggestions?


It turns out I don't have a WSOD -- the installation is working, but the display is almost entirely white. If I turn the c700 slightly to the side I can just make out what's on the display. So I managed to set the password and calibrate the cursor.

But how do I set the display brightness?

For want of a better suggestion, try installing this:

and then call it from the command line (or over ssh).

I have a feeling that your problem is not backlight brightness, but contrast, and bl won't alter this I'm afraid (though it ought to be possible to do so somehow).

I tried this on a second SL-C700 and the behaviour is repeating, so I'm going to file a bug.

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