Well, it's been a while since I've posted here, but thought I'd share one of my latest creations with you. I've been working on a light-weight language, called 2e, that could be a good fit on the Zaurus (since it is rather small and light weight). So far, I've got it fairly functional as a general-purpose programming / scripting language, but the built in funciton library only has text based i/o functions at the moment. It is set up to support dynamic loadable modules, and I have plans on throwing some gui libraries together (most likely just hooks into qt and/or gtk), once I get a bit more gui programming under my belt.

Anyways, it is at http://lang2e.sourceforge.net if you want to check out what I've got done so far. If anyone is interested in assiting with gui librarys for it, any input is welcome. But I need to document the loadable module interface a bit more.