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Full Version: Uboot Questions
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i tried out pdaxrom r121 and have problems to get back to a sharp rom
using a nand backup. how can i get into the diognostic menu? d+m+reset
does not work. everything with reset seems to boot uboot.

in the beginning i had problems similar to

but i dont think that it is an sd card issue and i dont see the dm mode.

thanx, malik

p.s. pdaxrom is down again.
According to some people on some devices the D+M menu is bothe on flash and rom:
D+M+reset = load diag menu from flash
Fn+D+M+reset = load diag menu from rom

Can you try the Fn+D+M+reset before restoring the original boot loader stuff?
Bufore stating that it's not working make sure you also try this:
remove battery and power adapter
pres and hold Fn+D+M
while still pressing the buttons insert the power adapter ...

There is a restore procedure for the diag menu:
1) put a copy of the originan NAND BACKUP on a CF or CD (something like SYST<model>.DBK). If you do not have one you can get it from
2)boot the emergency system (press OK while power on)
3) insert the device where you have the nand backup and cd to where ever that is
4) nandlogical /dev/mtd1 WRITE 0x00000000 0x000DBFFF <your nand backup>
replacing <your nand backup> with the name of the original sharp nand backup.
Your done with just the boot loader and other flash menus ... not not the OS yet.

You're not using a c760 I bet ? ... on the 760 the D+M menu does not get overwritten.
very fast answer louigi, but not fast enough:-) meanwhile i found

i.e. fn+d+m+inserting power adapter and restored cacko rom, now i can read the
rest of your answer.

a pinned thread concerning this or a textfile which is distributed with uboot would
be nice.

thanx louigi
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