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Full Version: Jeode stops working
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For some reason.. Jeode stops working as well as all Java apps. I suspect some Java.ipk to mess it up but dont know which one: Othello, Gemdigger or maybe Hangman..?? Or something else.?? I have no idea. I have tried o unsinstall and reinstall diffirent Java applications as well as Jeode without any result.

command evm gives: segmentation fault

Do anyone else know about this problem? Is it possible to fix with some easy console commands??

(Using SL5500 - TKC ROM 2.0 Alpha 3)

- Dovre
Dont tell me I am the only one, and nobody knows how to fix it...

then I feel pretty lonley

- D
I'd guess that you have a lib problem, did you install anything else along with your games?

Yes I have loads of libs. Which ones can interfer with Jeode?

eonlibflac, eonlibsdl, libsdl, libsdlimage, libsdlnet,libsdlmixer,libjpeg62,libopie1,libmadplug,libmpeg3plug,modplugin,zlib
I have the same problem on my SL-C3200 which I've only had for a day. I installed jeode and Cocktails and it worked great, then I installed more stuff, and it started giving me a "segmentation fault" message running evm, even without any arguments.
I have the same problem as you. I got the "Segementation fault" error tying to start hafas with evm.

I 've a SL-C3100 with Cacko 1.23

Did you fix the problem???

After I got the same "Segmentation fault" problem with EVM and OPERA I found out that is causing the problem.
When installing e.g. <libjpeg_6b-0_arm.ipk> or <libjpeg_6b-1_arm.ipk> the original link to is overwritten to the new faulty version.
To get back to a functional system you have to link back to the original Cacko libraries:

>ln-sf /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/lib/ /opt/QtPalmtop/lib/

That's it! rolleyes.gif

Nice work, Stefan_Wtal!!
Can an admin maybe rename the post title to "Jeode Stopped Working -- SOLVED"?
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