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Full Version: Uk - Cheap 2 And 4gb Sd Cards
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they have some very good deals on card and card readers at the moment, cheaper than e.g.

delivery costs are quite reasonable too.

I'm going to buy a 4GB for my Z before they all get replaced with SDHC cards, and I suspect it'll be a while before we get the s/w patches to use SDHC cards with sharp based kernels :-(
I ordered a 4GB card, and a pair of 2GB cards for general use... snag was the 4GB was out of stock, but should be on its way soon. I'll comment on the speed when it arrives.
still waiting for the 4GB card, they say it should be in stock monday or tuesday this seek. sigh.
QUOTE(speculatrix @ Jan 28 2007, 10:42 PM)
still waiting for the 4GB card, they say it should be in stock monday or tuesday this seek. sigh.

Never had used these guys, saw this thread, ordered various printer related stuff (I have enough SD cards for the minute) and all arrived within 48 hours. Excellent supplier.
I ordered a 4gig card off 7dayshop a couple of weeks ago now and I'm still waiting so I hope what you say is true Speculatrix. The 4gig CF and 1gig USB stick that we ordered from them at the same time arrived pretty quickly though.
I've now have mine since, er, Monday or Tuesday now, and it works just fine. It was formatted FAT32 when it arrived, put some files on and zaurus loves it. I previously installed the mmcsd module from the 3200 (as per standard cacko 1.23 "hack").
so far the card has been absolutely solid. Given that SDHC is likely to cause the disappearance of non-SDHC 4GB cards, I would definitely make sure I had more than one as it might be a while before we see Cacko module for SDHC.

Fortunately my wife saw my "amazon wishlist" and also got a 4GB for my birthday, so now I am awash with cards!

Having all the extra space is really useful, much faster to blast files onto a card in the PC's usb2 card reader then put in Z than using pc-to-Z tcp/usb, or wireless.
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