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Full Version: Mod OPIE-Today to read DTM format
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There seems to be some need for a modified version of Opie Today that reads from Sharp's DTM vice xml. I know that I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get my OPIE PIMs to sync properly with the new Sharp ROMs. Others seem intent on making scripts to convert dtm to xml for Today to read.

If someone can find the source for dlarue's program I'll take a crack at it. I'm running OZ though so someone else will need to test it.

Since today uses the PIM backend from libopie1, you could try adding DTM capability to the PIM classes in libopie1. This way, all PIM applications would benefit from it.
Even better would be to look into libopie2 where we already have abstractions for different backend. Contact if you want to work on this.



This was the reply from a different post concerning the same topic (

I can't find the program . . . yet. But I am willing to test.
sorry, login timed out. that last reply was from me.
All the source code is in the cvs. For how to download and build see the wiki.
All the source code is in the cvs. For how to download and build see the wiki.

dlarue's code too?

Who or what is dlarue ?
He was the guy who posted the scripts to read from dtm and export as xml. It was on the devnet down the bottom in the Linux Console bit of the developer part of the forum.

Sorry, I must have been confusing lots of people.

Anyway I have the Opie sources, but I can't seem to find the program which did the decoding. I have no particular desire to use DTM ever again and I don't use it now (so I can't test or try to re-do his work even if I wanted to, which I don't :-)) but thought this might be an easy enough way to start opie programming.


P.S. I think I had an email from him though, I'll try to dig it out if no-one else can find an URL.
I'm not going to say what you should work on - do what makes fun, that's the purpose of open source smile.gif - but if you don't use DTM then I think it would make more sense to start with doing UI improvements or add little features to existing apps rather than poking through the libraries.
I don't think he wrote them, from memory they came from a Japanese site.

I searched through my bookmarks and googled and came up with these site (in Japanese)

This app/script converts dtm files into csv that could easily be converted into xml I think.

Hope this helps

I had gotten my gf a yopy cuz she thought it was cool and I must admit it is pretty cool. Now at first she was trying to sync with the desktop app they provided, but then she found out about the pim web page. It is a pretty interesting idea, just surf to the yopy's address and you have all your information right in the browser, no muss no fuss. Now at first I thought but what about my sync with outlook etc. Then I realized something, when I had my visor I bought a separate program so that when I synced everything was put into its separate places according to subject or omitted in some cases. This was done because I had tied my outlook in with the groupwise at work. I didn't like the potential for something personal to accidently end up on the groupware hehe. So I realized that 90% of the time I was using my pda for my pim. Now I am working on creating the same concept for my zaurus no more trying to sync with programs I rarely look at anyways.
Here is another alternative. KoPI has a working sync mechanism with DTM. It can read from the DTM database, write to it, recognize differences, etc. This developer is amazing, he has done all this within a few months (thekompany needs to hire him to fix their problems smile.gif ). KoPI also has a Today like interface that reads the database and summarize upcoming events.

Well, I tried to look through the code to see if I could modify the current Today plug-ins to have the DTM capability. But, I am not that smart and have had no luck. Perhaps someone smarter than I can do it?
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