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Full Version: Ah! Help... Nand Restore Now What...
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Alright, decided it was time to try out the OZ distro but because I had Cacko 1.23 installed previously I needed to do a NAND restore to get the original partitions back.


So, I grab the NAND restore file and I get to the NAND flash utility, flash the Z and here is what I got...

NAND Restore from CF
file: SYSTC100.DBK
Execute restore? -> pressed OK
Delete all flash data? -> pressed OK

Alright, so it looks like it restored (Green bar all the way across bottom of screen). But pushing OK doesn't do anything. Pressing On/Off doesn't do anything. Is it waiting to finish something or do I need to remove the battery and reboot it that way?

Don't want to fry the little guy...


Ok, I went ahead and removed the battery to get it rebooted... Sharp screen came up and it appeared to be booting...

Rebooted again and flashed to OZ... and I am now looking at Opie 1.2
all you had to do was press cancel aka "esc" lil button to directional pad

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