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Full Version: Openmoko Free
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I'm not too happy about the name though.
i'm watching this one.

Frankly I'd have a Greenphone _now_ ecept that it took Trolltech USA (somewhere in cali) 3+ weeks to answer my pricing question.

Sounds like FIC is doing yet another embedded widigt kit for the phone. I hope it's pretty....

unhappy about the name - you mean that it could mean "open snot"?

I wish I was sufficiently a developer to be able to ask for one for free.

gosh, so many interesting gadgets around and coming... openmoko, nokia n800, the samsung folding pocket computer (and the similar one from sharp)...

snag is with no one device being idea for all circumstances, you end up with lots of duplicated data, configs and setups.

I suppose provided you have a sufficiently large SD card, and all your portable devices can use it and they all run linux, you can put your data on the device which is most suited to your current activity. Alternatively, you need one additional device which is a wireless/bluetooth mass storage device, to which your phone, zaurus, palm, pc, tablet etc connect and thus your home directory and data is common across all devices.
motorola is releasing a razor which is linux based as well.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Jan 21 2007, 12:49 AM)
motorola is releasing a razor which is linux based as well.

there have been a few motos with linux inside, I remember MickeyL commenting on one excitedly. Some use QT as the graphics toolkit with a proprietary gui... and have been sufficiently open to use kernel sources for specific devices to create drivers for some of the HTC phones and ipaqs too... but none are really "amateur" developer friendly like the moko.

my main fear with the moko is that there will be a steep learning curve and documentation will be left to the end user
QUOTE(speculatrix @ Jan 21 2007, 02:54 PM)
as it is with OZ (admittedly their wiki is getting better, but it's terribly slow and a bit disorganised).

Thankfully it's a wiki, so people who whine and complain can make it better themselves!
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