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Full Version: Better Browser Than Opera 7.5.5 ?
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What's the best browser I can run on the SimPad?

The latest I could get a good while ago was Opera 7.5.5, which seemed to have leaked from the Zaurus. However, it crashes often and has its own style of presentation, to put it mild.

I need Javascript (more specifically a XMLHTTP request to do some AJAX). The old Opera has Javascript, but not such features.
I have no answer for your question. But can you please give us a description about how you got the opera working? This is a often asked question without replys!
The answer is in the searches ...

... pardon me if you've read this ... enjoy if you've not ... wink.gif
Too bad nobody can point to a more modern browser. :-(
Where is firefox, seamonkey, etc.?

The Opera installation was done by a friend, credits to him.
I have to run the "rotten old" Open Simpad v0.8.1, for library compatibility, he said. Besides that, according to the notes I made, here are the steps to perform, after obtaining the package and somehow copying it to the simpad:
ipkg install opera_7.55.6079_arm.ipk

mv /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf.orig

cd /root
rm .opera
rm .operasave

ln -s /opt/QtPalmtop/opera/.opera .opera
ln -s /opt/QtPalmtop/opera/.operasave .operasave

cd /usr/share
rm opera
ln -s /opt/QtPalmtop/opera/ opera
ln -s /opt/QtPalmtop/opera/buttons operabuttons

cp opera.ini /root/.opera
For me, I switched to 7.55 and found it unstable on Cacko1.23/c1000. I end up reverting to O7.25. So far so good.

No flash ... but hey, I'm content as it is. smile.gif
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