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Full Version: 3000 With Built-in Bluetooth
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I found this on Yahoo! Auctions Japan tonight. Someone has added a USB Bluetooth module to a 3000. They even put in some switches to reenable the USB mass storage feature. Nice.
It is always amusing to do the japanese to english translation. smile.gif
cool. I like the little switches.
looks very neat, as Antikz said, with the little switches. it'd be nice to see photos of the internals to see how its done.

a while ago I bought some Ericsson rok bluetooth modules for only a few dollars each, they're incredibly small (think postage stamp 0.3mm thick)... how I wish I had the courage to modify my 3100 to add one... having broken a 6000 I have lost confidence in modding sad.gif
QUOTE(Ling @ Jan 22 2007, 08:48 PM)
It is always amusing to do the japanese to english translation. smile.gif

That's nothing! Rent the japanese DVD: Otoko-tachi no Yamato. It has the single worst subtitle translation ever. The movie was a drama but, the translation was so bad that I literally rolled off the couch laughing. For example, two group of sailors are arguing about a suicide mission. The subtitle bascally said, "The fish is bad! Kill yourselves!" laugh.gif It's lovely to TOEIC in action. tongue.gif
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