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Full Version: Please Say It Should Be This Way!
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I recived my C760 fiew days ago, but the guy didn't include AC Adopter or USB Cable. I just brought PSP AC Adopter, witch is 5V 2amps, and when I plug it in, and try to turn it on, nothing happens. When I plug in the PSP Adopter, the small battery light isn't lighting up eather.. When I got it, I thought battery was so dead, thats why I didn't turn on, but now I think it might be broken. If I take out the battery and plug it into the power, should it work? should there by any led lighting up, when I plug it into the power? any ideas, what could be wrong? Does it takes time to power up, after plugged into the power? Thank you!

I checked, and the socket had a 'like' thin layer of something black around it, so I took a needle and scraped it off, now when I plug it in into the power, the battery led goes on in orange color, but when I try to turn it on, still nothing, does it takes time, before I can turn it on? does it makes any sounds when you turn it on, because I'm thinking display might be broken or something.. Thanks!

Congrats! smile.gif Enjoy your 760! smile.gif
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