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Full Version: Kismet/d-link/acx100
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I have D-Link DCF-660W wireless card, I'm trying to get it working with Kismet. Fiew days ago, it was running perfectly with Wellenreiter. I'm not 100% if it was running in rfmon mode, but I think essid broadcasting was set off to my router and Wellenreiter got it.

Now I installed pdaXrom, and I want to get my card running with Kismet. I edited kismet.conf and set suiduser = nobody and source=acx100,wlan0,wlan0

I'm not sure which driver to list, I checked kismet documentation, and it sad that I should use acx100 for D-Link cards, but when I run Kismet, I got:
# kismet
Server options:  none
Client options:  none
Starting server...
Waiting for server to start before starting UI...
Will drop privs to nobody (65534) gid 65534
No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
Enabling channel hopping.
Enabling channel splitting.
Source 0 (wlan0): Enabling monitor mode for acx100 source interface wlan0 channel 6...
FATAL: Failed to set private ioctl 'monitor': Operation not supported

Could it be the wrong driver or.. ? Any suggestions please? Thank you!
Wellenreiter is great laugh.gif

D-Link DCF-660W + Akita = OK [Opie & cacko rom]

D-Link DCF-660W + Collie = OK [Opie]

and Hostap from;





Wellenreiter II es una gran herramienta para wardiving, y no sólo te demuestra el APs pero también qué otros dispositivos están conectados a esos APs

Updated for OZ 3.5.3


My Spanis is not very good with my inglish ¡sorry!

But lookme:
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