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Full Version: kino2 issue?
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Hi all,

I installed the new cacko rom and while playing avi's, I am noticing two things:

1. the sound is not syncing up with the picture
2. the picture is skipping throught the video

previous to this new rom, I had the original sharp rom installed and the videos were fine. Please give me some ideas as to where to look.

Wrong part of the forum???
This is the software forum...???? where should it be?
Hmm, for some obscure reason I thought this was in the OZ forum when I checked yesterday. I'm probably going mad, ignore me. Sorry.

I presume you're talking about a C machine?

I can't really help you as I don't have one yet.

Kino2 has options for buffering etc, have you tried tinkering with them?
yes. I kinda kept trying to change a setting here, try a movie, change a setting there, try again. never could get it to sync up and quit skipping.

going to load up kino2 on top of the ROM build to see if it helps.
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