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Full Version: May Be A Usless Tip..
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I just got a new Zaurus and forgot this little mod that I did to my C3100.
That little "dummy" CF slot protector is sometimes hard to tell if it's upside down or rightside up at a glance.
It only seems to be able to be inserted in the rightside up position.
What I do is the following:
I paint 2 white dots on the topside.
Do this right before going to bed at night, this way it has time for the paint to dry.
Get a candy sucker with the hard white cardboard stick and break it off.
Using some White spray enamel, spray a small amount onto some scrap paper or cardboard.
Use the white cardboard stick and dip it into the puddle of paint. It should soak up just enough paint for the job.
Now touch the stick to the CF dummy, and make two marks on the top side. Leave sitting out to dry overnight.
Meanwhile, place a CF card in your Zaurus and goto bed.
BTW this method works well for marking black knobs on stereos and amplifiers, which only have black indents on them.
Great tip cause that slot protector is important and not always easy to put in, and by the way I don't think there is such a thing as a useless tip smile.gif

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