Folks from russian zaurus community installed gentoo on zaurus. It's not a gentooforzaurus port, it's just usual gentoo with minor changes placed on SD card with portage files via NFS and xorg-server based on ebuild from ipaq hx4700 overlay
Actually it's "ready to make ready to use" , rather then "ready to use"
It's slightly tested on c1k and c3k
Screenshots can be found at screenshot smile.gif

very-very quick `how to install that snapshot to c1k/c3k SD card` for pdaxrom users in english

This snapshot is not a system to use, it's for test and play. More usable snaps will be in future, i believe
Packeges in snap listed in
This snap is EABI
More details about EABI you can get at

Download files:
Format SD card as ext3 and extract archive to mounted card

c3100/c3200 users need to replace SD_CARD/kernel.img with image from
and extract modules to SD_CARD/lib/modules from archive at

You can compile your own kernel image, but note that you need to enable EABI in kernel config and boot options:
CONFIG_CMDLINE="console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty1 noinitrd root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootfstype=ext3 rw fbcon=rotate:1 rootdelay=5"

Remove battery for 5 seconds or press `reset` button and press and hold the "OK" button. you will booted into emergency ram system, it runs that offers you to install kernel to NAND, so press Y and install it.
(similar to installing pdaxrom, but this install new kernel.img only. If you want to turn back your pdaxrom system, just copy kernel.img from pdaxrom archive to SD card and repeat this procedure.)

root's password is `qq`

thats all