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well i finally found somthing

they also do a 5" model (begin drooling) and some others that would make sense for a umpc sized version

one more component nailed smile.gif havent checked pricing but i assume up to $200USD

anyway, might have had some luck with a not for resale copy of the pcb software (ie almost free) there is no way i will break copyright with this thing, i want to own the design folluy and make sure its free to anyone, more news coming soon
can it export the data to a neutral format, autocad or pcad or something, in which case it's not an issue?
most likly pdf

electronics in autocad would be painful

at the very least you get gerber and such but its one of those things where when its in thier format they wont let go. however there tools are best of the market and eagle donsent even come close to aproaching what this stuff does
that is a nice screen. sharp also makes one that is 4 inches at 640x480 and has a 3.7 inch version. what is nice about the sharp ones is it can switch to a 320x240 screen so you can do on the fly resizing of the screen for older apps that do not work with 640x480. i looks at price a few month ago and they were around the 130-160 mark if i remeber right.
really, was that surplus or from a production line.

if its a production line i would be intrested in the link

when it comes to doing 320x240 i think software is the best way to go about it, ubt i am not familliar with the inner workings of X. i suppose with a driver you could make a display adapter with both modes that toggled a gpio. the only thing i am woried about is that the graghics card drivers would need there bits twiddled.

not so hard after thikning about it. lets wait and see
One request I have for a screen is that it be viewable in sunlight, this is a major usability issue of the Zaurus currently.

On another note, it would be great to have VGA out and support this sort of thing:

it would allow a broader range of use for all sorts of interesting applications. A really nice use of this would be GPS while riding my bike!
I think that wearable computing is nearly of age... if we could only get speech recognition a little more reliable...
yep VGA out is a must, if i can swing it tv out as well. it was designed with hmd in mind

sunlight readable, we will see i havent seen the screen in real life yet however it dosent look transreflective. it is LED bassed however which means modders can up the brightness smile.gif
heres a new one, with inbuilt scanning tech and multitouch

im supprised it got overlooked wink.gif
QUOTE(Da_Blitz @ Aug 31 2007, 07:21 PM)
heres a new one, with inbuilt scanning tech and multitouch

im supprised it got overlooked wink.gif

I didn't see it either.. that one isn't VGA or SVGA (and I can't remember what the 800x480 for the N800 is, these screen sizes get really bizarre after a while with UXSVGAWYZ smile.gif )
- This looks very sweet, once Sharp has newer models with better resolution. 320x480 is a tad anemic. Curiously it appears to incorporate biometric capability right on the display. Spiff!
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