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Full Version: Wpa_supplicant Config Question ?
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I just got a c3200 compared to my 5500 WOW smile.gif , but I am kind of lost on seting up wpa on it. I pulled my WiFi form my old Z and the new one found it right away it works great on open and WEP networks. So far So good so now to set it up to acces at work where we use WPA, copyed over my wpa_supplicant.conf and edited it a litle, changed wlan0 to eth0 the name of the interface changed for some reason. Then When I start wpa I get

ioctl[PRISIM2_IOCTL_HOSTPAD]: Operation not supported
Faled to set encryption.

Pluging the card back into the 5500 and its up and runing on the net at work, so I know the card can do it.

Any thing to try to get it encrypting on the 3200 ?


I've just been trying oz351 on c3100 and had a similar problem.. I note that both the orinoco and hostap kernel modules seem to be loaded at the same time ("lsmod")... when I've had a play I'll let you know
My wifi card is prism2 based (mercury ZCF1100) and should support hostap + WPA.
ok, this is what I found... booted c3100 with OZ w/o the wifi card in it. did "lsmod" and no kernel modules loaded to drive it. Inserted card and waited a little while and it loaded both hostap and orinoco/hermes drivers!

No wonder things were confused.

I checked "cardctl info" details with the files in /etc/pcmcia and the IDs were only listed in the hostap configuration file, so was baffled.

In the end I simply forced deinstall of the orinoco/orinoco_cs/hermes/spectrum24 modules ignoring dependences, so that it didn't remove anything else (this after ejecting the card with "cardctl eject X" - X is card number from cardctl info).

Now, it only loads hostap, and I can fire up wpa_supplicant (added " post-up" line in the /etc/network/interfaces file).

I'm sure a real OZ boffin can tell me what I should have done to prevent orinoco/hermes driver from being loaded; I had similar problems using Ubuntu when I briefly used it before going back to SuSE!
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