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Full Version: Opie Apps In Gpe?
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I just recently decided that to put OZ on my Zaurus Sl5500. I've got the Hentges OPIE image ( on there now, but I'm really interested in the GPE environment. I like the whole "normal computer desktop" interface.

My concern is that there are a number of tools (and games, i admit) I use in Opie which are packaged as "opie-[packagename]". I'm assuming these apps wouldn't work under GPE, but my question is whether or not that assumption is right?

Can you use OPIE apps in GPE?

Anything I should be aware of before reflashing?

Opie use a small version of QT library and GPE use GTK. Both library are incompatible. There's a graphic server can run both systems, but you need a better Zaurus (is slow).
You can have a look at:
it explains how to have both, GPE and Opie, running together at the same time, in different VT, so you can switch between them at will.

I used to have this setup in my SL-C3200 and worked fairly well after a lot of customization (both, because the howto is written for an older version of OZ and to fix some unexpected behaviours). In one of the experiments I did I ruined all my setup unsure.gif but that's another story.

But honestly, I am not sure your 5500 has enough horsepower for this (although the how to is written for a collie, I have to admit that slowed down my Zaurus, maybe because it needed more memory and I have to enable a swap file), can you post if you succeed?

There are some posts dealing with this somewhere the OZ forums, just search for them, they may turn out useful for you.

Good luck.
QUOTE(hollow5555 @ Feb 9 2007, 06:31 PM)
Can you use OPIE apps in GPE?


To answer your question more precisely than the previous posters: (There answers are correct, however) You cannot run any OPIE application on GPE, whether the package name begins with opie or not.

Beside, the PIM data is imcompatible, i.e. you cannot access your OPIE schedule from GPE. I guess, you know... Therefore you should wipe the home partition, the OPIE stuff is useless in GPE.
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