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Full Version: Best Rom For The 700?
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What is the "best" rom for a c700?

I know this is subjective, but I'd like to hear what other experienced users have to say.

Here's my 2 cents after three weeks using the c700:

1. Oz/Opie or Cacko: both fairly fast and stable on the 700.
2. pdaxrom beta 1: I love Kathryn, but she's slow on the 700.

Is the 760 that much snappier than the 700?

thanks for any input.


PdaXrom is perfectly usable on both my C750 and my C3100.

I believe the C700 is slow because of a CPU defect that makes it run the same as a 200MHz CPU even though it's 400MHz, so yes, the C750/60 would feel quite a bit faster.
thanks for the reply.

hmm.... i'm thinking an "upgrade" to a >=750 is in order.

I've been playing with Cacko and it's doing fine on the 700. Still lusting for Kathryn... smile.gif
I'd go for a Cxx00 model, if only for USB host. Not to mention the fact that there are no new Zaurii coming out, so it'll save you from wanting another upgrade.

Just my 2 cents.
QUOTE(Capn_Fish @ Feb 16 2007, 08:53 AM)
I'd go for a Cxx00 model[...]

ahhh... I'd love to. I was playing around with the C1000 today at Yodobashi (elec. store) and it is nice. But alas, my budget is in the used 7/8xx range.

With the 750 can you listen to an mp3 and edit a text file at the same time? Can't do it on the 700.
At, a used C1000 is $313, while a used C760 is $321. A C750 is $284.

You may want to reconsider.

EDIT: Yes, you *probably* can listen to music while editing files. I haven't actually tried it. I have been compiling an app while editing a text file and browsing the web, a little bit slowly perhaps, but quite it was quite useable. The extra RAM makes a huge difference.
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