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Full Version: New Server?
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with the amount of outages of this forum in the last few months i have been thinking about getting a server hosted so we can have a place to communicate and do stuff such as a wiki that we can't do here. i have never administered a server before, so i would need someone to step up and help with that part of it.
i was looking at what has to offer and thier package.

Deluxe Plan:
• 100 GB Space • 1,000 GB Transfer
• 1,000 Email Accounts • FREE! Software
• 25 MySQL Databases • Unlimited Email Forwards
• Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries • No ads
• EXCLUSIVE! Metropolis Hosting Community
• FREE! $25 Google® AdWords® Credit

looks like a good deal. i checked and is not taken (please be nice and don't register it to annoy us) i can probably initially chuck out a year's worth of hosting and a few years on domain registeration. the second benifit is i will most likely have enough enough room that i can host other stuff if someone needs some space.

anyone have any comments on this?
it's a nice thought, but someone else already beat you to setting up a new forum...
QUOTE(speculatrix @ Mar 4 2007, 01:40 PM)
it's a nice thought, but someone else already beat you to setting up a new forum...

i have been looking into this for the last few days and i was mainly focused on pda development. and honestly if you wanted to get some help or assistance alot of campanies and peop;e would want more then just some people chatting on a public forum to convince them.

on another note i found a dev kit that was not to bad in price at
the MIMX31CSOM module i looked on and it showed a price of about 256 for a single unit.

i also email a guy about buying a M9328MX21ADSE (mx21 dev kit) and he wanted 250 USD for it. i am not sure if the mx21 would be worth it since it is an arm9 core and the mx31 is an arm11 core with alot more features, so building a distro based around the mx21 would still need work done on it while porting it to a mx31 system.
dev kit looks nice

actually i am supprised no one noticed it but was recenttly registered, its in most of the examples for the dns ssh stuff and i am supprised no one has mentioned it yet, i wonder who registerd it smile.gif

i signed up with gpl host for a virtual private server, so i have root on the server and can install anything i want (cvs, email, dns, vpn, file sharing. you name it) i have it for 6 months already and the domain for 5

its not badley speced, 192MB 15GB of storage and 50GB transfer per month on a P4 with 10 other people. load seems quite low most of the time and the support is great.

when i get some more time i will finish off the mail system and get the site back up and running as well as some other things
it seems like everyone had the same idea
I've been using godaddy for over a year now. Let me know if you have questions.
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