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Full Version: Ipaq 5555 Screen Inaccuracy
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In both Opie and GPE, the upper right corner of the screen does not properly respond to taps. If I tap in a certain place along the top edge, I can activate the scrollbar on the right side, and activating the close button requires finding just the right point along the top screen edge. The problem stays with the physical corner of the screen, even when the screen is rotated. That is, if I rotate the display CCW, the help button in Opie or the application button in GPE does not recieve the taps. The screen responds correctly under WinCE, and I have recalibrated the screen in Opie or GPE multiple times. Currently I have Opie installed under Familiar 0.8.4. What can I do to make the screen behave properly?
I checked with the recalibration applet, and the system is recieving taps from that particular section of the screen. Is there a way to change the position of the targets in the recalibration applet? I want to move the targets closer to the screen corners, so that I must tap in the affected area during screen calibration.
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