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Full Version: StageOne - another great zaurus app
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There is another great application available for zaurus and since I have not
seen it mentioned much (I've bee reading these forums for a while but decided
to register so I can post this), I wanted to pass along the info.
StageOne is another note taking application that has some similarities to
IQNotes, but in my opinion (I own both) it has at least one significant advantage in that
all major functionality can now (in latest version) be performed via keyboard
(i.e. no need to pull out the stylus which I'm sure those who own c860 will greatly
appreciate). To be fair, IQNotes also has a few features that are not yet implemented
in StageOne (i.e. search, and encryption) so if you care about those you may want
to wait for next release before considering StageOne.
I personally don't care about encyrption since I use SafeDee for that.
The author has been very receptive in terms of user input (it took him
a week to implement keyboard shortcuts after I inquired about them and then
he also let me beta test the app). He also mentioned that he is working on
desktop version (easy since implemented in QT), and will consider
sync between desktop and zaurus. Also, he may release Palm and/or PockePC
versions down the road.
If you are interested take a look at killefiz new releases (there is a trial version available).
Best regards,

ps. I have no stake in this or relationship to the author and am posting this
only as a happy user
Nice to see developers working on some cool apps! And tg, nice of you to actually send feedback to the developer. It means a lot I'm sure.
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