I had to delete my package announcement because I simply can't get CWiid to work with our packaging system. Bloody annoying, but for the adventurous, you can install it from source on your own!

CWiid is a collection of tools to interface the Wii Remote with Linux. It compiles under pdaXrom if you just steal some headers from Debian biggrin.gif

This will probably only work in r121 or newer.

First, get the source: cwiid-0.5.01.tgz . Unpack it to wherever you unpack your source.

Other packages you will need:

bluez-libs>=3.9 (check package announcements)
bluez-utils>=3.9 (also in package announcements)
linux-kernel-headers (see foonote)
gawk (in main feed)
bison (also main feed)
flex (main feed)

Once everything's installed, go back to the CWiid source and do the ol' ./configure && make && make install.

To access with a gui: type wmgui. Though it's pretty slow if you enable the accelerometers or extensions.

To actually use it for input: You'll have to insert the uinput module: "modprobe uinput". After that, press 1+2 on the Wiimote and type wminput. The default mode uses the tilt sensors to move the mouse, maps A+B to the mouse buttons, and maps the d-pad to up/down/left/right. Other configs are stored in /usr/local/etc/cwiid/wminput. Pass "-c [name of config file]" to wminput if you want to load another.

For more information, the homepage is here.


Anyway, getting this in a usable package is baffling me. It does some weird symlinking when you make install; it doesn't work in any prefix other than /usr/local. I'm going to bug the author about this, but if anyone else can package this in the meantime, great!

Footnote: Getting the right kernel headers is a task. Here's what I did:
- Downloaded Alien (you'll need perl)
- Got the linux kernel headers from Debian/ARM here.
- Untar Alien and change to its directory. Run "./alien.pl -t [name of kernel package from Debian]".
- Untar the resulting .tgz file and copy everything in usr/include to /opt/native/arm/3.4.6-xscale-softvfp/armv5tel-cacko-linux/include

And you're done. I have an ipk made up, but it's fairly large and I'm only on a 56k connection here. I'll have it uploaded tomorrow.