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Full Version: New Emacs 23 W/ Xft And Cjk Support!
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Thanks again, pgas. wink.gif

Here is a newer PIM Suite package which change the symlinked path from $HOME/elisp to /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ , so that uninstallation by "ipkg remove" will also remove the symlinks, but no change otherwise.

I spot an issue with running Remember Mode in Planner. Remember fails to launch (M-x remember) due to missing setting.
You can fix add this to your ~/.emacs
   (add-to-list 'load-path "/usr/share/emacs/23.0.0/lisp/remember")
   (require 'remember-planner)
   (setq remember-handler-functions '(remember-planner-append))
   (setq remember-annotation-functions planner-annotation-functions)

If you are newbies like me, don't ask "why?" Just do it. It works.
I got this piece (with modified load path) from the original RememberMode homepage, which seems to be missing in the PlannerMode page.

I am still learning (playing with smile.gif ) PlannerMode and Emacs and finetuning the .emacs setting specially for PIM. Will incorporate new things into the next version so as to make the suite more "ready to go".

Still preparing a new newbie tutorial. Stay tuned.
Nice, I've been doing some experimenting myself. Annoyances so far; the key combinations are pretty crazy on the tiny zaurus keyboard, it takes some getting used to and a bit of finger acrobatics!!! The one thing that could put me off using it is the time it takes to load- to edit a simple text file you have to wait a while to get it up - I realise you can leave it running and Ctrl-Z to switch back to the console, but it has a fair memory footprint and I count every byte smile.gif

Currently I have all packages loaded onto the flash drive (/) and only the lisp package - which is large - on the internal CF drive.

Any other ways to speed up the load time?
For the keys:
According to the "PlannerModeQuickStart", we can do something like this in ~./.emacs:
(global-set-key (kbd "<f9> t") 'planner-create-task-from-buffer)

As for the speed, I don't experience much delay because I first install all the emacs packages on my SD card, then manually move the emacs binary to the interal flash, and install the PIM suite also to the internal flash.
I run emacs in the terminal (i use my optimized build of gtkterm2 because I need SCIM inputmethod ) and with swapfile on.

Any other interesting idea? smile.gif

I find the Emacs Tutorial still a bit too chatty and so I've written this draft of a very newbie guide to Emacs specially for Zaurus users. See if it works for you. Comments are most welcome! smile.gif

The next thing is to write up a plain enough tutorial of doing PIM and GTD in Emacs.

(Actually these are just my study notes. tongue.gif )
after a quick browse:
M-x calendar (typo)

to Close a window:
The one you are in:
C-x 0
the others
C-x 1 (one, not L)

ESC ESC ESC is really a different thing, that might close windows.

Another thing I find usefull on the zaurus:
ESC might be used in place of M-
ie instead of M-x, you can press-release ESC then press X
Thanks! Just made the corrections. The new doc is in Post#55 above. smile.gif

It's great to learn that the Cancel key functions both as ESC and M(eta) at the same time!
One more link on using Emacs Planner, with Diary function supporting hyperlinks. Cool!
I recommend adding this to your config file:
    (global-set-key [?\C-x?\C-b]
                    (lambda (&optional files-only)
                      (interactive "P")
                      (let ((b (list-buffers-noselect files-only)))
                        (display-buffer cool.gif
                        (pop-to-buffer cool.gif)))

This will make C-x C-b work better to switch between buffers, i.e. full screen and focus automatically without having to to a C-x 0.

Info comes from here:

There's tons of useful stuff on the emacswiki (, but quite a bit takes you to file that will require compiling.
I am trying to map the right Shift key to Control, so that I have C and M keys on both sides, which will come very handy.
But even though I changed keycode 120 in both akita.xmodmap and userdefined.xmodmap and rebooted, the remapped right Shift key still doesn't function as Control in Emacs.
Any idea?

... Yes, emacswiki is indeed the ultimate source of information. smile.gif
Also, is it possible to bind the Calendar, Address and Mail (XF86LaunchA/B/C) keys to do things in Planner/Emacs? I've tried something like

(global-set-key (kbd "<XF86LaunchA> t") 'planner-create-task-from-buffer)

But to no avail.
What to do?

As I am fully concentrating on playing with PlannerMode, I need a handy reference that I can refer to at all times.

This can be done in 3 simple steps:

#1 Create a symlink of the PlannerMode manual file:
ln -s /usr/share/emacs/23.0.0/lisp/planner/ /usr/info

(/usr/info is where the Emacs info files are installed)

#2 Edit /usr/info/dir, locate the section for Emacs, go down the list and stop in the "p" area, then add this:
* Planner: (path/to/planner/Planner). Organizer/day planner for Emacs.

Save the file.

#3 Now in Emacs, you can refer to the Manual anytime using C-h i. I find it very useful to have the Manual display on the upper buffer and working with Planner in the lower one. smile.gif
Yet another useful trick:

In ~/.emacs, add these at the very end of the file:

What will happen? You will see the "Today's" page of Planner upon launching Emacs, plus you can simply tap on the screen to nevigate, to open links, to use the Menu bar on the top, etc.
Cool, isn't it? cool.gif

This is how it looks like (with mouse mode on):

Click to view attachment
Howto: Switch through buffer list easily.

- Download swbuff.el and copy it to your elisp folder (

- Add the following to your .emacs config file:
(require 'swbuff)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-x b") 'swbuff-switch-to-next-buffer)

To cycle forward thru buffers use "C-x b". You can add another line to bind another key to "swbuff-switch-to-previous-buffer" cycle in the opposite direction.

Nice. Shall we start a new thread dedicated to Emacs tips & tricks on Z? smile.gif

Now I begin to appreciate the beauty of Emacs. It's actually not as intimidating as I was thinking of. Each trick just add a line or two to .emacs at a time. And they are all consistent in format (elisp) and not really hard to understand (compared to many other programming languages).
Sounds like a plan- I wanted to use emacs for a little web editing this morning and realised I'm still not that good with it so more tips will be good.

Can you post the link here when you made it- I have another quick tip to post.
Hi, just started a new thread to avoid confusing this build testing thread with user tips. Plus i suppose all these should work regardless of whether we are using Sharp/Cacko, OZ or pdaX. smile.gif
I'm having difficulty getting emacs-w3m to run, the latest stable version will not run, I have run configure and make and emacs complains that it needs a newer version - try the development version it says...

Have got the latest source from the CVS repo but there is no configure script included !!

Here is a link to the translated page (the actual site is in japanese..)

Anyone got a clue?
I'm not sure if you are talking about the emacs-w3m main page, but there is an english version:

I've just seen in for emacs with v>23:
try to put in a file w3m-e23.el:

'(require 'w3m-e21) (provide 'w3m-e23)'
Thanks pgas that works, only it is acting a little strange - getting lots of square characters and some strange behaviour when moving down pages. Will have to look into this.

Incidentally w3m works fine outside of emacs.
QUOTE(zi99y @ Apr 2 2007, 01:48 PM)
Thanks pgas that works, only it is acting a little strange - getting lots of square characters and some strange behaviour when moving down pages. Will have to look into this.

Incidentally w3m works fine outside of emacs.

Dunno if w3mmee ("Multi-Encoding Extension") will do.
It would be great if you get w3m working.
And even better if you can byte-compile and package it. smile.gif
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