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Since FreeCnC segfaulted, I've built FreeRA, a spinoff that works with Red Alert. It crashes loading fonts (I believe), so I'm posting my build to see if somebody can determine what the problem is. This was built with a 2.6.x kernel. Demo RA data files can be obtained here:

You need main.mix and redalert.mix. Put them in the "mix" folder.

EDIT: Source is included as well.
I tried the windows version and it also crashes at the fonts part. type.fnt is missing and I also had to edit the /freera++/data/settings/files.ini and comment out those requiredX where X=3~9.

Not sure where type.fnt can be gotten but that's the error that popped up.

; Submixes (contained in one of the above)
Did you put main.mix and redalert.mix in the data/mix/ directory?
Yes I did. smile.gif
Hello i get the same error...

will there be a solution?

I don't know...I'm hoping somebody who knows what they're doing will propose one.
For what it's worth, you can now get Red Alert for free:

Also, it appears that there's a new-ish project called OpenRedAlert that looks promising (it's continuing the FreeCnC and FreeRA projects):

No builds for the Z ATM, but I may change that wink.gif
Hmm. I've built openredalert, and it looks like the problem from FreeRA above still exists. That is, it has trouble reading subfiles from the mixes. Commenting out lines in files.ini is not the answer, as those files are IN main.mix/redalert.mix, and themselves contain the rest of the data files - i.e. fonts etc.

I'm having a poke around using gdb, but I forgot how clunky the command line client is... :S
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