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Full Version: mmc question
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this was submitted as a FAQ question (is that redundant?), and because of it's specific nature, I thought I'd post it here... hopefully someone can help him!

Hi A newbie zaurus user (2 days) I bought a 128Mb mmc card and am having some difficulties, Card works intermittently is most reluctant with voice recorder (set to lowest speed) accessing files can cause quite long periods of no activity (several minutes). Should I just go and get a SD card? Mike
I don't recall if they ever got SD to work with the 5600. I know SD really doesn't work on the 5500. Hell, I am not even sure if it wasn't just a software issue. Just for the record SD cards are really glorified MMC cards w/ encryption (thus the term Secure Digital) and an extra pin(?).

One key thing to remember about MMC/SD cards is the fact that they tend to have pretty slow read/write times. If you are looking to use applications that require frequent read/writes (such as voice recorder), you might want to consider CF cards as they are more responsive.

One other thing to consider is if the MMC card is still in good health. Several minutes to write out a file seems a little extensive , even for an MMC card.
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