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Full Version: Good C Tutorials?
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I'm learning C++, but I'm thinking that it would be nice to learn C instead/first. Does anybody know of any good tutorials, either web pages or downloadable PDFs?

I'll probably end up picking up a book later, but I'd like to start out without an investment.

Thanks in advance.
I'd stick to the pure C++ learning; C isn't so much a stop on the road to C++ as it is a detour that gets you lost in the woods somewhere with no petrol or food while the wolves start closing in. ohmy.gif

Once you know the fundamentals of C++ then C isn't hard to read or work with. But C-style thinking is a serious handicap to developing the proper object-oriented design skills C++ requires.
Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in C++" Volume one has an early chapter summarizing C. I think that's all you have to know. Things beyond discussed there is usually dangerous or misleading to use.

I find Bruce Eckel's books (!free!) easy to follow and useful for later reference. Highly recommended.

I actually got around to talking to some other people, and they said the same thing, so I guess I'll stick with C++ for the moment.

Anyway, thanks for your help, and I'll look at that link.
Also, Learning C++, put out by oreilly publishing is a good book, but it costs about $40 USD. Also, as a reference, check out, it's sort of high level for a beginner, but good to know about
Most primers on C++ will cover a bit of C. I find the C reference guide in useful as it is basically ansi c. Just ignore the windows and platform api portions. smile.gif
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