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Full Version: Which Headset Do You Use.....
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Looking to find out which headsets people are using on the clamshell Zaurii (I have a sl-c1000) when they make VOIP phonecalls, so the headset needs to have 1+ earpiece(s) and a microphone.
I am also interested in knowing how happy they are with their particular recommendations.
Many thanks.
I am interested as well. I just bought a couple of labtec headsets from eBay for a few dollars to use with my laptop. I am planning to use my cellphone headset with my z with I get voip working.
if you search the forum this has been covered in a variety of forms, but always interesting to find out if people have discovered better ways of doing it.

I bought a mono over-ear headset, chopped the plugs off and wired on a 3.5mm stereo jack, works well with my 3100 with "kphone". No good for music, but fine for voice.

I'm going to have a go with a four-pole plug to try and make a stereo headset + microphone Y cable and thus get stereo sound and microphone function at the same time, and put an inline box in the mic lead to make a remote control.
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