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Full Version: C3200 Wont Stay On
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Hope someone can help me fix my C3200.

When I switch my Zaurus on it only stays on for 2 seconds, screen goes off then back on for a second then stays off.

I have swapped the battery over with my C760 & the problem stays with the C3200.

Works correctly when on mains power.

Any suggestions?


Brightness set to minimum when on battery power!!!!

Just spent 4 hours on a plane twiddling my thumbs & never thought to try adjusting the settings via the keyboard shortcut Grrrr

That happend to me plenty of times. I hate it. Took me a LONG time to figure out as well.
it got me too once... if I plugged in external power, display was fine, unplugged it went out.. only later did I realise I'd turned down brightness to minimum on battery setting. d'oh!
Thanks everyone.

A friend must have set the brightness to minimum while looking at some pics from his camera, assumed he had switched it off.

On charge overnight & alarm went off following morning to get plane, display was OK as it was still on mains power.

Even so I should have realised having used the Zaurus ever since the first C760 came out.

Put it down to old age, retire in 3 months time, not long after the Zaurus range went into retirement.

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