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Full Version: Cacko Console?
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I just installed Cacko 1.23, I like it, but is there a console for it? I would really want to be able to access console. Thank you!
there is a console called Konsole.
I'm attaching qkonsole. It's the latest for Cacko/Sharp
To download in Firefox, right click the link and select save as, then paste in this filename:
I would just give the link to the file, but the following feed seems to be down now.

Don't install this if you have installed Cacko Full. Cacko Full already includes this console.
A much better terminal [qkonsole_0.9.3-20040205_arm.ipk] can be download and installed instead of the one provided on the CD-ROM.
Release Name: qkonsole_0.9.3

Notes: Zaurus console program. Improvements on original embeddedkonsole include: font selector (zoom keys on C7xx) full screen (toggled with fn-5 on C7xx) variable history lines select by words (hold down shift key) title support (in bash: export PS1="\[\033]2;\w\007\]\\$ ") paste with fn-p (C7xx) new session with fn-n (C7xx) command selector for most recently/often used commands (in bash: HISTFILE=/home/root/.bash_history; HISTSIZE=5000; HISTFILESIZE=50000) colors scroll with arrows (hold down shift key) session selector tabs on top, bottom or hidden session selection from menu (control-tab or fn-s on C7xx) scroll bar on left, right or hidden more conf file options (shell path and args, save setting per session) configuration saved per session
Taken from Cacko feed:
Package: qkonsole
Installed-Size: 283000
Version: 0.9.3-20040205
Depends: qpe-base (1.5.0), gzip
Priority: optional
Section: qpe/applications
Maintainer: Philip Kohn <>
Architecture: arm
Filename: qkonsole_0.9.3-20040205_arm.ipk
Size: 106247
MD5Sum: 8d880a2db540b0a4ea919ecb97c8f37b
Description: Fancy console
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