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Full Version: Exit Matchbox / X To Cli : Command ?
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how can i exit from what im guessing is matchbox from standard "kathrin" 5500 install to a prompt where i can run mplayer with more resources available for video ??
I didn't know pdaXrom was available for the 5500! Anyway, if in Matchbox, there should be a menu at the bottom left of the screen (I think it's a pink ribbon) equivalent to the windows Start menu. Tap it and there should be an "Exit" option (second from the bottom, I think). Tapping that will exit X and bring you to the terminal.

If that doesn't work you can always try Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to kill X (although I wouldn't recommend this way if you can use the "Exit" option from the X menu).
"killall X" in a terminal should also work.
killall X worked, last time i tried that i used lowercase x which doesnt work...

-not sure how to do ctrl,alt,bksp, and there is no exit option in the menu.

now just to find the right commands...

ctrl + alt + backspace is done with these keys.
[Ctrl] + [left japanese key] + [<-BS]
The left japanese key is usually mapped to [Alt] in pdaxrom.
[<-BS] is the backspace key at the top right on the newer clamshells.
what is the left japanese key ?? (5500?)
Sorry, I didn't realize the 5500 doesn't have the japanese keys
I enclosed a pic of the SL-5500 keyboard
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