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Full Version: Broken Sd Slot
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Hey all. In the constant saga of me breaking my Zaurus, I have a new chapter. About a month ago I took apart my in order to replace the microdrive which had finally died. Shortly after I decided to use my sd slot as I never had and I thought it would be nice to have some extra space. Well, after ejecting the mock card, I tried to press in the sd card and it felt like something was blocking the way. I tried a couple more times to no avail. Well, I accepted the fact it was broken and I stepped away from this problem for a week or so. Well, I noticed that, now when I booted up pdaxrom, no modules were loaded... In fact, I didn't even get a FAILED. So, again, I tried the sd card again and it pressed in after a bit of fiddling (not hard). When it went it, the system freezes for a short while and then acts as though nothing happened. I try to mount and no beans. I run dmesg and I get nothing (mind, the card is in now and ejects and presses in as normal). The reason I post this in the hardware section is because I just flashed to GPE and I still have the same problems (minus the short term freeze). I pop the card in, mounting fails and I get nothing in dmesg. Does anyone have a clue? Possibly a broken solder joint? The board is pressed into the socket on the motherboard and screwed down....

I never used my SD cards and now I feel like I am missing something HUGE on my Z.... It's funny how that works.

Hi Fish,

the first things I would check:

1. Is the dummy card broken? If it misses a part, that may still stick in the slot.

2. try to look into the slot with a good small (LED) torch: DO you see any bent contacts or anything else which could block?

Exchanging the SD slot is not hard, so if it is really broken, all you need is to find a broken Zaurus (SL-C3000 or SL-C1000 would do, too, I think), and swap the SD daughterboards.

But maybe it's enough to use compressed air to blow out some impurity.

Good luck!
ok, pulled out the LED and after blinding myself once or twice, I think I see the problem. Each of the connectors on an SD card has a pair of "prongs" in the back of the slot. The Pair that is all the way to the left look like they are pushed back or non existant, although, I think I see some copper, so I think they are there. Looks like I am goingto have to pull the z apart again to see if I can fix this....

Thanks for your help, Dan. I'll keep this post updated.


EDIT:Aye, I typed the wrong name.... Sorry, mate!
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