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Full Version: Can Not Sync The Correct Data
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I finally got my C-1000 to see my computer but now I realize that I can not get the data that is in my address book program to sync with Outlook.

The problem appears to be that the default for syncing on the C1000 uses the data that is in the "Address Book" software that comes with system. I purchased and installed "theaddressbook" from Unfortuantely, the sync function on the C-1000 evidently does not see the information in the data file of this program.

Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? Is there a way to either change the default in the sycn function for the C1000 to see my "theaddressbook" data files or is there a way to transfer the information that is in this program to the system default program "Address Book"?

Also, does anyone know of a software program that has an export function that works on the C-1000?
well, i can sync to outlook but you arent being specific. Also, KoPi has an export function to csv which outlook can import.

Thanks a million for responding.

I will try to locate the Kopi program. As you can see I am a real novice at this. The problem is that I have two address/contact programs on my C1000. The first program is the one that came with the C1000. The other one (this one contains my contact data files) is a program that I transfered from my old 5500 call tkcAddressbook. The sync function read only the orignal contact program. I want to sync from the program that has my contact data, but I have not found a way to change the current syncing default to this program.

Hope this helps. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Again, thanks
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