So I figured maybe someone knows one :

Here are my needs :

1) Weekly 150MB backup from my office to an offsite storage location (some rsync or equivalent)

2) Less than a handful of domains (all diskspace tallying up to maybe couple hundred megs right now) that need web hosting.

3) SMTP/POP access needed for each domain (tally in maybe 100MB disk space needed or so; This implies the need for just 1 static IP)

4) Definately needs to be 24/7 99.9% uptime.

5) Doesn't need to be triple-redundant OC-36 data pipes, but something decent, at minimum 1/2 T1 to T1 speed to serve, and can be down to a 1/4 T1 to download (to service my offsite databackup from office).

6) Maybe some shell access for random other low diskspace / low bandwidth applications. (this one is optional)

And of course

7) as cheap as possible smile.gif

Anyone know of such a service/company?