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Full Version: Where I could find patches to build cross-toolchain?
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I know, I could download RPMs with gcc-2.95 and binutils (
But I want native toolcahin for FreeBSD.
So, I need sources for gcc & binutils.
Are used sources (2.95.2 and 2.11.2) unchanged or I need some patches?

And same question about new toolchain for OZ (3.3.x/2.14.x), of course...

And I need QTE-free not in RPM, am I right? Is it exist?

This is for OZ, and I didn't bother to recompile the binutils, but just check the versions and use the same ./configure flags as for gcc itself and you should be okay. You probably also need libc and a threading lib (from memory of looking long ago)? For OZ glibc looks like being version 2.3.2 (you can check on the device itself of course). There are patches to be applied in the OpenEmbedded build system.

If you need more info I can post the patches, etc.

Thank you. It seems ( that almost-original tools is Ok.
And, I think, all libraries, build for ARM target, could be get from official cross toolchain, because it is host-independed.
But patches will be useful, too. You could send them directly to my e-mail (patches only, of course, not full sources!)
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