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Full Version: Moving Directories To Hdd
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Hello, I am playing with amazing pdaxii3 and I have a little problem.
I want to move /home/root to microdrive.
I moved /home/root to /extra/home/root and added line to fstab:
/extra/home/root /home/root auto bind
Directory seems to mount fine, but instead openbox I am greeted by bare X desktop with couple of xterms.
Did anybody tried to similar thing? I would like to move few directories to hdd (var, home etc.)
Did you move really everything to the new location?
Maybe, if you just copied and then deleted, you missed the hidden files (.*).
Check if ~/.xinitrc exists. If this is missing, X cannot start.

I have moved the entire home directory to the MD and then linked it back instead of mount -bind it back. That works perfectly, but has the disadvantact that eps. the QT file dialogs resolve the links and instead show their real directory names. That means, if I save a file to /home/root/Documents/test, the dialog shows me /mnt/ide3/homeroot/Documents/test instead. Not a prolbem, but a bit annoying.
I think with mount -bind this does not happen.
But maybe linking can help in your case.

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