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Full Version: New Zaurus' Brothers ;)
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Hi, good day wink.gif

It seems that Sharp still remembers the Zaurus, they release new models of their "e-dictionnaries", but just for Korea:

I would like to know the specs of this producs, maybe Sharp backs to Zaurus someday.

Best Regards.

By the way someone knows where I could find information about how to build a motherboard, last night I was thinking "mmm Why should we wait till some corporation release a real Zaurus succesor??, I know, build one by oneself must be expensive, but could be possible", so what do you think??
certainly is a nod to the line. I love the color:D Of course... I love green.

As far as building a mother board, etc, you should check out the pocket penguin subforum. Alot of DIY stuff/ideas have been posted there

They follow the smell of green ... like any company would ... smile.gif
hm - 2-20GB of hard disk space.
I wonder what kind of drive mght be inclued which provides 20GB. AFAIK only the 1.8" drives are available with that capacity.

If this device is Linux-based, it could certainly be enhanced to be again a real Zaurus successor. The keyboard looks good, the screen too.
Now, are there all the great interfaces of the Zaurus?

It looks like it has some kind of slot on the left side but I doubt it has a CF on the right as it looks to be too thin of a device.
If it had USB host and built in wifi I could live without a CF though.
Posted about similar Sharp devices with larger screens here a while back....

New Sharp Devices...

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