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Full Version: Qcopilot on 7x0/860
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Has anyone gotten qcopilot working on the 7x0/860?
i keep getting either RAM file errors or segfaults.

If anyone has got it working please help!
Am I right in thinking that I need to provide my own .ram file taken from a desktop version of xcopilot?

I'm getting the same RAM file errors and am wondering whether this is the issue.

erm... could be - but qcopilot worked on my 5500 without any desktop based files afaik, could be wrong though it was a while ago.. i think the .ram file was generated by qcopilot
I got qpose to work with the Palm m505 ROM on my c860, but it was slow and very flakey. So, Ijust gave up. There were a few old Palm apps and some new ones that I would have liked to run. Everything that I really need is on the Z already or I can compile it.
I got qcopilot working with a Palm III rom. You have to goof around with the ROM file as described in the qcopilot page at ZSI. It runs much better than qpose, but qcopilot only emulates OLD palm PDAs. ROMs newer than a Palm III will not work. Even when I had it working, I could not install a PDB larger than 200-300KB so running anything other than the preinstalled Palm apps was pretty much out of the question. I don't know whether this is a limitation of the emulator or the old Palm ROM.
Zaphod, did u get qcopilot working on a 7/860? or a 5x00?
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