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Full Version: Spectrum24 On Rc2 (poodle)
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In the discussions of the release page (in the wiki), I asked months ago why my Symbol Low Power Spectrum24 LA-4137 card wouldn't load in OZ while it does in Watapon Rom.

Someone responded with something along the lines of "You need to install prism3 support"

So I grabbed prism3-firmware and prism3-support from the feed browser, uploaded to SD card, then flashed to openzaurus. Once up and running, i basically ran "ipkg install prism3-firmware..." and it worked. Then I try to "ipkg install prism3-support..." and it reports an error, stating this package depends on hostap-utils.

I then tried to download hostap-utils from the feed browser, copy to SD, and install that. It worked (as in, it installed), so then i installed prism3-support. After all of that (and a reboot to be sure), the same problem happens: Whenever I plug the card in, "dmesg" reports errors regarding the fact that firmware sp24-fw couldn't be located.

Does anyone here have any pointers for me to try and find the cause of this?

I have a friend that has the exact same wifi card that runs I beleive on a clamshell unit. He said he uses hostap as a driver, not spectrum/orinoco/hermes because he uses kismet, which works. Evidently, this would be my ultimate goal, I would rather have the hostap driver work with my card.

Regardless of the driver, I understand I still need to resolve my firmware problem, which is probably the only reason why the refault spectrum/orinoco/hermes drivers are not functioning.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have searched quite a lot on these forums, the wiki and googling, to no avail. Perhaps I am not expert enough to resolve this issue, but I would be very happy if someone could help me out a bit.

Even though opie on the poodle has a few glitches, I would be so happy to finally get openzaurus on my unit smile.gif
As a reference for future use, the solution was found in this thread

Also, the generated firmware files are to be placed in /lib/firmware
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